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Pasta with Sausage & Peppers

September 28, 2022 2 min read

Pasta with Sausage & Peppers




1 box pasta of choice (I used bow-tie)

12 oz smoked sausage of choice (I recommend beef or turkey), cut into coins

1/3 green bell pepper, sliced, then cut slices in half

1/3 red bell pepper, sliced, then cut slices in half

1/3 yellow bell pepper, sliced, then cut slices in half

1/3 large red onion, sliced, then cut slices in half

2 tsp garlic paste (or 2 garlic cloves, minced)

4-6 fresh basil leaves, chopped – optional

2 tbsp fresh Caribbean green seasoning – optional

1 tbsp olive oil

1 (12 oz) can tomato paste

Chicken broth (or, alternatively, use reserved pasta water)

1 chicken Maggi cube

2 tsp all-purpose seasoning

2 tsp Italian seasoning

1 tbsp granulated sugar

Salt & pepper to taste

Grated parmesan for finishing flavor and garnish





1)  Boil the pasta in generously salted water until al dente according to package instructions.


2) To a skillet on medium- to medium-high heat, add 2 tbsp of olive oil. Then, add the sausage and sear on all sides for 3-4 minutes.


3) Reduce the heat to medium. Add the garlic and green seasoning, and sauté for another 1-2 minutes.


4) Add the peppers and onions, and sauté for another 2 minutes.


5) Add the tomato paste to the skillet, and incorporate it as well as you can until it becomes a deep brick color.


6) Fill the same the tomato paste can twice with chicken broth or reserved pasta water, and pour it into the skillet. Stir until a nice, thick tomato sauce forms in the skillet with the sausage and peppers.


7) Season the sauce with the chicken Maggi cube, all-purpose seasoning, Italian seasoning, sugar (to cut the acidity of the tomato paste), and salt & pepper to taste. Finish off with the fresh chopped basil. (If the sauce is too thick, add ¼ to ½ cup of the chicken broth or pasta water until it reaches your desired consistency.)


8) Add the drained pasta to the skillet, and make sure all of it is well coated with the sauce and mixed in with the sausage and peppers. Top with grated parmesan cheese.




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